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Your Canada Goose Removal Specialists
If unwanted Canada Geese are living on your property, you already know what a nuisance it can be. Aside from the overall noise and distraction, these unwanted avian guests leave heaps of droppings, feathers and debris, which are unsightly and unsanitary. These droppings are often masses of disease and can pose serious health risks.

​If your property has become subject to Canada Geese Infestation, don't delay, call Advanced Wildlife Management before it gets any worse. Advanced Wild Life Management is a full service Canada Goose control specialist and will help rid your property of any pesky, winged intruders.  At Advanced Wildlife we use a variety of management techniques, and may be able to physically remove your entire flock of geese overnight.

Please remember a state issued permit will be required before any Canada Goose removal may take place. Get this permit FREE by using the link on this page.

Get Your 2012 ODNR Goose Permit Here. Click here for link to permit application.
At Advanced Wildlife we use a wide variety of technicues to control geese including:

  • Specially Trained Chase Dogs
  • Night Time Laser Harassment
  • Egg Addling
  • Attack Goose Removal
  • Goose Flock Round Ups
No matter what your Canada Goose situation may be we have the experience, equipment, and man power to provide you with a timely cost efficient result.